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Mindset Mastery Coach | Speaker | Author | Facilitator | Team building Coach

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TTS C&D offers coaching and consulting to individuals, groups, and organizations.  Specialized curricula available for girls, women and organizations that need greater team cohesion.

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If you or your organization is looking to make a significant change, complete the discovery form below to schedule your discovery consult. No matter your location, Tracy can connect with you. Video calls are conducted via Google Duo, Hangout or Zoom. An in person consult is possible within 20 miles radius . Use this consult form for coaching, business strategy, speaking engagement or facilitation. As a reminder, coaching is not therapy. Coaching helps you move from where you are to where you want to go.

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Tracy Thorpe Scott

Tracy assists individuals, groups and organizations to AMP up! To assess the status quo. Map a program of change and progress to desire results.

Tracy has a unique background that combines personal development and business. The knowledge gleaned in both arenas have allowed her to assist her clients in making significant life transformations. She can help you too!

Present & Past Organizational Partners

Small Seeds Development, Inc - My Time to Bloom

Hosanna House - I Rise

Penn Hills Charter of Entrepreneurship - I Rise

Ward Homes - I Rise Phenomenally

The Proper Pit Bull - Team Cohesion

East Liberty Family Support - My Time to Bloom

Homewood Family Support - Speaker

Family Foundations Early Head Start - Speaker

Higher Achievement - I Rise

About TTS Transforms

Tracy Thorpe Scott has an innovative coaching practice designed to promote life transformations. With a specialty in mindset mastery, Tracy empowers clients to challenge, change and create the life they desire. For over a decade, Tracy has been inspiring and empowering change through one on one and group facilitation. For those committed to change, she provides value and support in achieving desired results.

Tracy's ability to be effective is rooted in her personal and professional experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and an MBA that served her successfully in the corporate world for 25 years. She uses knowledge gained from a Masters of Science in Counseling Studies, ICF accredited certification in Life Coaching and application of current best practices to assist clients in achieving the results they desire.

Tracy has two children books that are designed to empower and uplift. She has also developed curricula for confidence and leadership and personal development. She is facilitating those programs in schools, after-school programs and with non-profit organizations. To purchase a book, scent jar or chakra bracelet, visit the product page!

Real transformations

I call Tracy "Trayanla" because she will FIX YOUR LIFE just like Iyanla. When I first started sessions with her, I had an idea for a web series that had been living in my brain for 2 years. By our 2nd month of sessions, she had me casting the show. And 5 months after we started, I was able to shoot 3 episodes of my show. I never thought I could actually do it. But she helped me push past the boundaries that I had set for myself. I'd tried therapy for some years, but I like life coaching because of the homework—she gives you real things to do for yourself that will make a difference for you in the long run. Excellent life coach. I recommend her to everyone. - Tracie